Liberi di Sognare - Free to Dream


Liberi di Sognare - Free to Dream

Liberi di Sognare (Free to Dream) written by a recognized Italian artist, Fabio Ingrassia, and produced by a local Miami teenager, Melanie Rodriguez, recounts the story of an immigrant who arrives in a foreign country through live painting, music, and dance. In this new country, the immigrant encounters his first challenge- witnessing all of his expectations shatter. With determination and devotion, he paints his imagined possibilities in hopes of projecting to the world his desire for victory and success; he promises to excel.

This show describes the narrative of every person who chooses to start a new life in a foreign country. It tells the story of those who have left their birthplace in search of the freedom to express themselves. This performance aims to remind us that we are all children of this world- our shadows are all the same color, and blood is red for everyone. In order to change our lives, we must be willing to use our freedom. After all, we are all migrants to this world.

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