Screening of Black Cop Presented by Black Lounge Film Series


Screening of Black Cop Presented by Black Lounge Film Series

Black Lounge Film Series 4th edition of bringing global Black cinema to Overtown is back with an award-winning independent film “Black Cop” by Canadian Filmmaker, Cory Bowles. In collaboration with the Black Police Precinct & Courthouse Museum in Overtown, join us on Friday, April 20th at 7pm at the Overtown Performing Arts Center for an evening of music, a movie and discussion, as we spotlight the Canadian Black experience & Black cops. Cory Bowles will be in the house to taking your questions.

It's not easy being a black cop. Your community doesn't trust you, your colleagues are wary of you, being patronized by the people you protect is constant. And when the world is on edge waiting for a grand jury verdict on a high‐profile police case involving unarmed youth, you can bet all eyes are on you. For one officer already struggling between duty and moral obligation, things take a drastic turn when he is profiled by his colleague’s off‐duty, pushing him over the edge.

Armed with the power of his badge, an antagonizing radio show for company, and some good old fashioned rage, the stage is set for a whirlwind day filled with vendetta and just desserts, as Black Cop targets the community he's sworn to protect. Black Cop (played with ferocity by Ronnie Rowe Jr.) is an intense and timely political satire from Actor‐Director Cory Bowles (Trailer Park Boys), provocatively takes on issues of race, class and power.

***This Program is made possible with the support of the Green Family Foundation, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, and Knight Foundation***