Use $5 Tickets to Teach

  • Have your students write a review of an event. Submit student reviews to be published on our website. (See Student Review Program for details.)
  • Offer extra credit. Reward students who attend an event related to a class lesson or theme.
  • Take your foreign language class to a cultural program. Expand students’ knowledge of world cultures.
  • Enhance a lesson on a specific subject. Visit a museum or attend a performance.
  • Contact Arts for Learning Miami for creative ways to connect these cultural experiences with your classroom curriculum.

Resources available to Teachers

Arts for Learning/Miami
Telephone: (305) 576-1212

Arts for Learning is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the arts and community cultural resources by linking learning experiences to the real world.

HistoryMiami Museum
Telephone: (305)375-1492

HistoryMiami Museum is committed to serving South Florida’s students, teachers and adult learners through exciting and innovative programs. Bringing over 10,000 years of South Florida history to life, HistoryMiami Museum has been welcoming visitors since 1984.

Our education programs are designed to provide age and grade-level appropriate experiences, while focusing on different learning modalities. Critical thinking is elicited as students compare and contrast the past and present and are encouraged to visualize and discuss what the future may be like, based on patterns of the past.

All programs are correlated to state educational standards. The programs also address curriculum areas beyond social studies, including language arts, mathematics and science (where applicable).

For more information visit our page or click here for bookings.

Vizcaya Museums and Gardens
Telephone: (305)860-8435

Guided tours of the Main House are available for school groups from 4th – 12th grades. Group tours are conducted by professionally trained Volunteer Guides and are available by appointment. Tours last approximately one hour.

Vizcaya has developed thematic tours for school audiences which support local, state and national curricular goals in Social Studies, Visual Arts and Language Arts. Lesson plans are available.