Verano y Humo Presented by Ballet Flamenco La Rosa


Verano y Humo Presented by Ballet Flamenco La Rosa

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa (BFLR), an international flamenco dance company, based in Miami and made up of international dancers and musicians, presents the World Premiere of Verano y Humo, an original Flamenco Ballet that blends the traditional art form of flamenco with a classic American play. Created and choreographed by Artistic Director of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, Ilisa Rosal, the piece was inspired by Tennessee Williams' Summer and Smoke. The performances will take place on Saturday, June 9, 2018 and Sunday, June 10, 2018 at the historic Colony Theatre on Miami Beach.

This work, made up of dancers and musicians from the U.S., Spain and Latin America, is composed of 14 dancers paired with live music, as the drama molds itself to the art form of flamenco. Using flamenco as a language to interpret Tennessee Williams’ spiritual/physical romance, the themes provide ample opportunity to explore common elements of Spanish, American and English cultures. The piece will show the universality of this art form making for a spellbinding and dynamic interpretation of this great play, and a once in a lifetime theater experience.

About Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, authentic Flamenco in Miami:
Ballet Flamenco La Rosa is an international company dedicated to Flamenco as an art form in constant evolution. Based in Miami and made up of dancers and musicians from Spain, Latin America, and the U.S., the company presents flamenco dance at its best, beyond traditional boundaries, surprising and enlightening students and the public with the beauty and magic of this theatrical dance form.

With cross-cultural collaborations, international guest artists, and an extensive repertoire, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa is one of the few U.S. flamenco companies dedicated to the development and presentation of the art of flamenco with a sophisticated combination of theater, traditional flamenco and original choreography that makes a consummate theatrical experience. The cutting edge approach in the company’s cross-cultural fusion works develops the connection between flamenco and other dance styles, and explores the commonalities to create new forms of dance. These have included Tap, Jazz, Blues, Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban, Irish, African, Sephardic and Indian dances. In addition, the company has created numerous dramatic Flamenco Ballets, including Herodias, Las Mujeres de Troya, Cleopatra y Cesar, Rey Lear, La Dama Macbeth, Directo al Corazón, Señorita Julia, El Padre, La Gaviota and La Casa de la Muneca.